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Since everyone is talking about their Christmas, I might as well talk about mine.

I don't know where to start though. It just sort of came in went.

Work was boring! I got off early both Christmas Eve Eve and Christmas Eve. It was dead!

My grandparents were down, which was nice. Once again, present wise, everyone over did it. Highlights include the bazillion stuffed animals I recieved, my grad ring (which is too small!!!!), Finding Nemo, a green ipod, and Oceanopoly.

Justin and his family really over did it. I spent most of Christmas Eve with him. I got him Chronicals of Narnia for X-Box and we spent a crazy amount of time playing that. Then a group photo with his brother Nathan and his girlfriend, Ashley. Some more X-Box, and then we both fell asleep waiting for my dad to come. Tonight I went out to dinner with him and his parents. He just had to bring up the fact that I drooled all over pillow :P

I saw "Night at the Museum" tonight with my family. It was an awesome movie by the way!

Boxing week sales tomorrow... I guess I'm going shopping before I go to the vet. Oh yeah, I got a SCRUB TOP!!!!!! With cats and dogs all over it!!!!!! I can't wait to wear it!

And on Thursday I'm off to see "The Good Shepherd" with Justin Robar, whom I have never hung out with before. This should be interresting.
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Today I saw:

- A spay done on a collie (I had to step outside and have a seat for a little bit, but it was very interresting!) and watched it have one of it's dew claws removed. The dog is very sweet.
- A dental on a cat (Thank goodness she didn't have to have any teeth pulled!). I got to hold the cat's mouth open while Angela tried to get the tube down it's trachea.
- A dog get a dead toenail removed. Poor dog.
- Puppy tails. I didn't get to see them do it 'cause I was in watching the spay, but the vet and I had a conversation on how unnecessary it was.
- A euth.
- A dog that had passed away.

What bothered me the most was when the dog had to have it's toenail removed. It screamed and scared the heck out of me.

I got to meet a ton of people that work there whom I haven't even seen yet! And I've been volunteering for three monthes.

I get to do this all again tomorrow.

What do I have planned for the rest of the day?

- Wrap presents
- Have a nap
- Do homework. I want to shock Ms Phillips by being caught up on all of my homework.
- Find my chemistry book. It wasn't in my locker, so where is it?

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